Nose reshaping

Plastic nose surgery: nose shaping

The Cardone Associated Medical Practice of Bari has a team of qualified professionals specialised in cosmetic surgery and particularly nose shaping. The operations carried out by the doctors at the clinic are able to give patients a new nose that blends perfectly with the contours of their face, emphasising its proportions and beauty.
Beak nose
The most common nose defect is the so-called hook or beak nose. Interventions are carried out precisely for the purpose of reducing this aspect, and also to correct distortions or defects resulting from a broken or too pronounced bridge. The experts at the Cardone Associated Medical Practice normally carry out nose shaping operations under general anaesthetic. However, in cases where a patient prefers not to have anaesthesia, certain intravenous pharmaceutical products can be administered that are able to induce a state of total relaxation. The new shape of the nose is modelled after studying carefully the patient’s face, making an internal incision that releases the bone part and makes it mobile.
Post-surgery care
The post-surgery period does not pose particular problems for patients, apart from the fact that it is not possible to breath through the nose: mouth breathing only is possible. After 24 - 48 hours the nose stents are removed, while about seven days are required for plaster removal.
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