Ear reshaping

Ear reshaping

Most cosmetic defects of the ear can be corrected by simple cosmetic surgery operations.

Ears play an important part in the physical appearance of a face, and at times may not appear to be in perfect harmony with it.

For this reason, specific surgical interventions can be carried out to remodel ears.
An ear reshaping operation can be performed to reduce the dimensions of an ear, redefine its shape and angle, or eliminate a lack of symmetry related to the pinna, helix and/or antihelix.

This operation, of outpatient surgery type, is carried out under sedation or a local anaesthetic in a Day Hospital, with patient discharge just a few hours after surgery.

The skin incision behind the ear allows the cartilage to be modelled very precisely, leaving very few scars and with excellent results.
Post-surgery treatment
After surgery, a protective dressing is applied that can be removed after about 3 days. For removal of the surgical stitches, on the other hand, about ten days are required.

It is recommended to protect the ears for about 4 weeks after treatment, at least during the night, with a soft elastic headband.
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