Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine developed from the understanding that man is healthy when he is in harmony with the various phases of his life, and at ease in his own social and environmental contexts. Mutations in today’s society do not permit us to ignore the increasing interest in physical appearance and being psychologically balanced, socially presentable, and in syntony with one’s own environment. Aesthetic medicine plays a fundamental role within the context of social medicine.

Aesthetic medicine is based on a multidiscipline partnership, exploiting all the knowledge available in basic sciences, from the wide experience of general medicine, surgical practices and their specialised fields, and the contributions of many human disciplines.
During the prevention phase – that is the most crucial - doctors teach how to "know" and "accept" the physical structures inherited, and how to protect and manage them following different rules related to: alimentation, physical activity, psychology, behavioural and cosmetic. During the corrective phase, the programme employs methodologies and techniques of types: medical, physiokinetic, thermal, cosmetic.
It is a medical discipline that aims generally towards an improvement in quality of life, giving maximum support to what the W.H.O. has been sustaining for years: "Health must be considered not as the absence of disease, but as a state of psychophysical well-being".
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