Breast Enlargement

Cosmetic breast surgery: breast enlargement

Firm, well-proportioned breasts are the dream of many women today, both for a more attractive décolleté and to correct defects left by demolitive surgical treatments. For breast implant operations able to achieve excellent aesthetic and clinical results, the Cardone Associated Medical Practice relies on a staff of specialists, highly qualified in the plastic and reconstructive surgery sector.
Breast implants: aesthetics and functionality
The Cardone Associated Medical Practice, based in Bari, uses the most sophisticated clinical technologies to ensure that breast implant operations are carried out safely and serenely. Whenever a person chooses to undergo cosmetic surgery, in the first instance it is essential to assess accurately the reasons behind this decision. In the case of breast enlargement, it is important to take into account the person’s age and general physical condition, so as to ensure that the results obtained produce the more harmonious aspect desired. In fact, excessive breast enlargement - driven by the desire to emulate models imposed by cinema or TV - may lead to postural damage or be the cause of future regrets.
Surgical operation
The operation, carried out under general anaesthesia, involves a small incision being made in the inframammary fold or along the edge of the areola. The incision allows an implant to be inserted and then positioned behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. Before reclosing the skin, drainage tubes are inserted to assist the expulsion of blood and serum during the early post-surgery phase.
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