Breast Enhancement

Breast Lift

The breast naturally and spontaneously evolves towards gradual relaxation or ptosis, the degree of which varies from person to person.

Mammary ptosis is a morphological state of the breast, there being different causes:
  • Constitutional factors
  • Glandular structure
  • Breast shape
  • Breast volume
  • Gland volume reduction
  • Skin relaxation
The operation involves rearranging the mammary tissue and moving the areola to a higher position, while increasing the consistency of the breast and reducing the amount of skin tissue.

Breast lifting does not normally involve an augmentation in breast size. However, if this were required, the operation could be extended to include the insertion of mammary prostheses.
Pain: pain felt is not strong; most frequently a feeling of discomfort is experienced.
Swelling: appears after the operation, gradually diminishes, disappearing after a couple of days. A slight degree of swelling may persist for a couple of weeks.

It is recommended not to use contraceptives.

Absolute rest is advised immediately after surgery, gradually increasing activities in the second and third weeks.
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