Laser-assisted liposuction

Liposuction interventions

Liposuction is carried out when there is an accumulation of adipose tissue that spoils the natural linearity of the body’s silhouette. Staff at the Cardone Associated Medical Practice in Bari are able to perform this surgical operation that involves the removal of excess adipose tissue in areas such as the inside leg, abdomen, hips and under chin.

Preparing for surgery

The type of adipose accumulation, and its characteristics, vary according to whether the patient is male or female. Women, for example, are defined as gynoid and tend to put on weight in the lower part of the body, that is to say, thighs, hips, legs and buttocks. Not everyone is suitable for liposuction: in fact, skin must be firm and elastic, and general health conditions must be good. Skin tone must be sufficient to allow adaptation to the new post-surgery volumetric alignment. The Cardone Associated Medical Practice pays great attention to carrying out all preliminary examinations necessary to guarantee the patient’s maximum safety during operations. It is always advised to suspend cigarette smoking during the days immediately leading up to the liposculpture operation.

Aspiration of adipose tissue

The operation involves the aspiration of adipose tissue by means of a cannula connected to a suction device. The patient is maintained in a state of induced unconsciousness through the administration of a general or spinal anaesthesia. At the end of the aspiration procedure, a compression stocking is applied to the patient that must be worn continually for about one month.
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