Cosmetic surgeon

Medical practice specialised in aesthetic medicine

The cosmetic surgeon The cosmetic surgeon carries out an activity – often subject to superficial judgements – that can have a great positive impact on a person’s daily life. In today’s society, especially, where personal appearance is given great importance in the social sphere, surgical interventions to improve physical features that are considered to be defects can, in fact, significantly improve a person’s quality of life.

As in any other specialised medical field, in these cases also it is indispensable to trust only in professionally qualified specialists, such as can be found at the Cardone Medical Group Practice of Bari. Our highly qualified staff are able to provide you with all the information on the techniques available, so as to allow you to evaluate in total serenity whether or not the operation is suitable for you.

Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery

The medical practice, specialised in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, was founded in the 1980s by Dottor Felice Cardone, a specialist with an impeccable academic career and great practical experience operating in both public facilities, such as Bari General Hospital, and as a consultant in reputed private practices throughout the region. Assisted by a highly qualified team, of which is member also Dottor Patrizio Cardone, a cosmetic surgeon specialised in laser techniques, the medical practice owner performs an extensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery interventions. To make an appointment or for a consultancy, please call us on phone number (Italy) 080-5426905.
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